Chrome Bathroom Radiator Central Heating Towel Rail Straight Ladder Warmer


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  • Introducing the Bathroom Radiator, the perfect addition to any home looking for efficient and eco-friendly temperature control. Made with high-quality, low-carbon steel, this radiator is not only beneficial to the environment during production, but also incredibly durable and robust throughout its lifespan.
  • The Bathroom Radiator boasts stable heat distribution, low carbon emissions, and energy-saving capabilities, making it a smart choice for any household. Its aesthetic design offers versatility and flexibility, seamlessly integrating with any interior decor, enhancing the overall look of your bathroom.
  • Featuring 14/16/20/22/26/30 tubes, this radiator provides ample space to hang towels, ensuring they remain warm and dry. Its elegant anthracite finish adds a touch of uniqueness to its appearance. Plus, it is compatible with all indirect home heating systems.

  • The Radiator offers two usage modes: it can be connected to the hot water system or used as an electric heater. radiator valves and electric heating element are not included.
  • Installation is simple, with four wall-mounting brackets and necessary accessories included. When connecting to the hot water system, please ensure that hot water enters and exits below it.
  • With an excellent 5-year warranty, you can trust in the Aica Bathroom Radiator for peace of mind and satisfaction. Upgrade your bathroom with the Aica Bathroom Radiator and discover the perfect combination of functionality, style, and durability.
  • Valves are not included. But can be bought separately here.

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Variant SKU MLH RRP HeightWidthTypeColourBTU
DS08-40-14C £61.00 800400singlechrome706
DS08-45-14C £61.00 800450singlechrome774
DS08-50-14C £60.00 800500singlechrome841
DS08-60-14C £73.00 800600singlechrome975
DS10-40-16C £69.00 1000400singlechrome837
DS10-45-16C £72.00 1000450singlechrome914
DS10-50-16C £77.00 1000500singlechrome990
DS10-60-16C £86.00 1000600singlechrome1144
DS12-40-20C £88.00 1200400singlechrome1029
DS12-45-20C £90.00 1200450singlechrome1125
DS12-50-20C £95.00 1200500singlechrome1221
DS12-60-20C £97.00 1200600singlechrome1413
DS14-40-22C £94.00 1400400singlechrome1159
DS14-45-22C £96.00 1400450singlechrome1265
DS14-50-22C £98.00 1400500singlechrome1371
DS14-60-22C £102.00 1400600singlechrome1582
DS16-40-26C £100.00 1600400singlechrome1351
DS16-45-26C £101.00 1600450singlechrome1476
DS16-50-26C £102.00 1600500singlechrome1601
DS16-60-26C £107.00 1600600singlechrome1850
DS18-40-30C £107.00 1800400singlechrome1543
DS18-45-30C £129.00 1800450singlechrome1687
DS18-50-30C £112.00 1800500singlechrome1831
DS18-60-30C £120.00 1800600singlechrome2119